Custom Wire Harness and Ribbon Cable Assemblies

Cable AssembliesEagle Design got our start designing custom wire harness and ribbon cable assemblies for the data and telecom industries, and they remain the core of our business.  Manufactured to exacting standards based on years of research and field testing, our custom cabling assemblies offer outstanding design, installation, maintenance and performance for any network infrastructure.

Our flexible, scalable solutions have evolved with the changing needs of our customers.  This has allowed us to repeatedly deliver exceptional quality and reliability. 

Our copper cable assemblies include:

  • Patch Cords-UTP, STP and Screened
  • Standard and Customized RS232, RS449 and RS530 Cables
  • Standard and Customized V.35 Cables
  • Ribbon Cable Assemblies
  • Discrete Wire Assemblies and Harnesses


Download Full Copper Assemblies Specifications



Our fiber cable assemblies include:

  • Pigtails
  • Polarization Maintaining Fiber Terminations
  • Standard and Customized Boots and Bend Limiters, Straight/Right Angle
  • Standard and Customized Ferrules and Ferrule Mounting Sleeves
  • Bare Fiber Polishing/Angle Polishing
  • Packaged LC/SC Loopbacks, Attenuated LC/SC Loopbacks
  • Multimode/Singlemode
  • Simplex/Duplex/Multi-Strand
  • Patch Cords, Jumpers
  • Connector Types: LC, MU, SC, FC, ST, MT, MTP, MPX, MT/RJ
  • Polishing Finishes: PC, UPC, APC, PM


Download Full Fiber Assemblies Specifications



Contact us today and let us help you find and install the right wire harness and ribbon cable assembly, adapters/balunswire management products and/or high current connectivity options for your unique infrastructure needs: 888-914-7300.