Micro Outlets

Micro OutletEagle Design Group’s micro outlets offer the most compact design for surface mounting network RJ45 ports (in fact, ours is the smallest outlet on the market).  Available with 110 insulation displacement blocks in single-, double-, triple- and quad-port configurations, these devices offer the ultimate in capability and customization.

Although used extensively in environments such as hospitals, government buildings or schools where the construction of the walls is cinder block or masonry and wiring through is not possible, our micro outlets can serve in any installation that requires low-profile connectivity (and are used extensively with modular furniture).  In addition, we offer security micro outlets for tamper-proof applications, such as school classrooms or airports.

Because we’ve been designing and manufacturing network components for more than a quarter of a century, we have perfected the intricacies of each micro outlet, adding convenience and durability through features such as:

  • Knock Outs Allow Cables to Exit From Three Sides or Bottom of Box
  • 3M Double-Sided Tape (for universal mounting to any surface)
  • Unique PCB (for reliability)
  • Surface Raceway Compatibility

Download Full High-Performance Micro Outlet Product Specifications



If you’d like to receive a catalog or quote on our micro outlets, information outlets, adapter/baluns, cable assemblies, patch panels and/or wire management solutions, contact our sales engineers at 888-914-7300.