Modular Adapters and Baluns

Modular Loopback AdaptersEagle Design Group manufactures a complete catalog of modular adapters and baluns.  Our inline adapters, modular adapters and shielded modular adapters can be used to extend any RJ-connected line cord (or adapt any RJ plugs regardless of pin counts).  

Available in shielded or unshielded configurations, Eagle Design Group's inline adapters feature double-ended female-to-female couplers that can accept 4-, 6-, 8- or 10-position modular RJ connectors.  In addition, our adapters maintain continuous shielding when connecting two shielded patch cables.  

Eagle Design Group D-Subminiature RJ-45 modular adapters are available in 9-position and 25-position configurations for system-to-device and device-to-device wiring applications.  Our shielded adapters allow for EMI/RFI protection within the modular adapter itself, and our patented design ensures shield continuity for mated connections to modems, printers, terminals, etc.  All modular adapters can be preconfigured or packaged in kits for on-site assembly.

Eagle Design Group has been engineering flexible, durable modular adapters and baluns to meet the connectivity needs of standard and custom deployment applications for more than two decades.  Contact us today to learn more about our line of connectivity solutions, wire management solutions and/or high current connectivity solutions: 888-914-7300.

Download Full Modular Adapter Specifications

Modular Adapters